Saturday, 25 June 2011

History Repeating Itself

One October night 15 years ago we had a special delivery. Seven puppies arrived in their crate. They were small and perfectly formed and looked like funny coloured miniature dachshunds to begin with.  They had come into rescue after an accident between a newly formed couple and their non- neutered Labrador and Dachshund. 15 year old me was overwhelmed with joy, they were perfect. Our two Labradors Katie who was about 11 at the time, and Bruce aged 9 years, were not as keen but they coped! The little bundles of fun chased the cat, chewed everything they could get their paws on, and used Bruce and Katie as live dog beds. For a time, we had 9 dogs in the house! It was truly crazy.

Jack was the only completely blond one, and we named him after the Leeds United legend Jack Charlton, he was going to stay in our family. Eventually the others were re-homed and it was Bruce, Katie and Jack (and Johnie the cat).

Jack was a prolific chewer, aluminium saucepan lids were no obstacle, kitchen lino was mere paper to his super sharp teeth. When he ate Dad's diary, I had to remove him from the house for his own safety! The diary was the straw that broke the camel's back. However he was still a joy and a delight and lovely to be around.

We moved when Jack was 4 years old, by this time elderly Katie had been put to sleep, and Bruce was slowing down measurably but Jack was full of life! He loved Bruce deeply and was his little blond shadow at all times, when Bruce died, he was very distressed.

Then when Jack was 9 my Dad became very ill and spent long periods in and out of hospital including a long stint at Kings College London. Mum decided that a friend of hers who dogsitted could take Jack on permanently. Her son re-homed Jack and he went to live with Dino another big dog friend until Dino's death a couple of years ago. Jack remains with his new owner, he is slowing down now as he is nearly 15. Mum sees him regularly though and delights in informing us of his exploits!

The other day I was browsing the Internet for no other reason than boredom, I looked up puppies for sale in this area. The third advert caught my eye. Labrador Dachshund Cross puppies born on the day of the royal wedding. I gave the lady a call, and sure enough her show Labrador had been in season, kept safely away from the other pedigree labs as a litter was not desired, and the household's pet daschund had managed the impossible! I of course, knew that this was by no means impossible!

So after wanted a second dog for a long time, on Monday we are collecting a new Labrador Dachshund cross who shall be called Bobby in homage to the other Charlton named Dachsador, from my previous life! I can't wait!!!


  1. What a great looking dog! We have 3 in The Manse,two springers and a Border Terrier, we did have a cocker/springer as well but he was put to sleep due to his old age. Having lived together for years in harmony,the male Springer and Terrier have started to fight,always instigated by Monty the terrier,causing large vet bills. It seems likely that he will have to be rehomed. It's bit risky to have them together as the Manse is the office and members of the congregation are in and out so often.

  2. I have your bobby's brother! Same story as you, born on te day of the royal wedding from a lovely family in leek - stoke on trent. I randomly just put dachador in google images and saw your picture, and I knew it was my little Oscars brother! Identical to each other when they were pups and I'm sure they will look the same now thir both grown up. We also have a rather odd story how we came across this quite rare breed as you do too, how strange.

    1. That is really exciting! Thanks for leaving a comment. Are you a member of any of the dachsador groups on Facebook? I would love to see a photo of your dog. :)

    2. I think I have just found the same face book group you are on, well I've just seen some lovely pictures of Bobby! And asked to join just waiting for the otherside to accept my request and I will put some pictures up of Oscar. Im quite into photography, try an look out for one in the snow of Oscar its a lovely picture :)

  3. So excited! Dachsadors (dachshund and lab mix) is the name of the group I'm in :)