Saturday, 4 June 2011

I have an itchy chin... really I have an itchy chin!

This is the third recurrence of little blister like spots all over my hands, neck and face - particularly my chin.

The first occurrence was the worst really, extreme bad timing. I started with the spots 2 weeks before our wedding, by a week before I had open sores on my neck which I kept covered with a cotton scarf when out and about because it really hurt when they got aired, but I knew they needed the air to dry out and heal. In what can only be described as an answer to prayer they healed up and I was spot free for my wedding.

The second time was after exposure to sun on holiday last year, I treated with antihistamine cream and a fortnight later it was almost gone.

This time, it BLOODY ITCHES!!!! I am treating with antihistamine cream, as well as my daily hay fever meds. It still woke me up in the night for an hour of trying to restrain myself from pulling my skin off!

Still no clue what IT is...

Pharmacist thought an allergy rash but so rare that I have ruled that out, unless a heat allergy. I was brought up by a former nurse and therefore don't want to waste the docs time with an itchy rash that eventually clears up by itself - it's hard to remember that when you need to wear scratch mitts to go to sleep aged 30!!


  1. It sounds like an allergy to me. As a life-long eczema sufferer and allergic to many things I have had more than enough examples of alergy creating apparently innocent substances.
    A short list in case it may help: soap with perfume and or colour - I now use Dove Extra Sensitive. Creams with lanolin in. Plant sap difficult to avoid if you garden without gloves.
    Washing powders, liquids and fabric conditioners with enzymes.
    I take anti-histamines every day use the gentlest possible skin preparations and shampoos and shower gels and moisturise like a maniac. Best of luck. Hope you find relief soon.

  2. I'd go bother the Quack even if it's only to hear that there's not a lot of it around!

    That said, recall someone in distant past with similar and it turned out to be mutation of chickenpox type bug.

    Being civil servant types, he lasted about three days before he was sent home in case it was contagious!

    Hope it passes soon,