Thursday, 10 February 2011

Planning to plan...

Anyone who knows me well will testify that I am not known for my organisation. I don't plan in advance, I rarely use a diary and I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time.

At school I was always the one who arrived without the ingredients for Home Economics, or without the homework because I had genuinely forgotten it. In fact I was so disorganised, on one occasion I admitted to having completely forgotten the homework, received a detention, and then during the detention the teacher who set the homework came in and told me that I had not been in school on the day it was set! A typical example really.

I haven't got any better since school, I worked in a job which followed a particular pattern each week and so I could manage that with no major difficulties, a preschooler at home doesn't require an organised Mummy luckily, just one who feeds him, cares for him and plays with him.

When my son started school I unravelled a little, as now I am required to provide all the necessary deitrus a child is required to take to school. It also helps if I read the endless mailouts from school and respond immediately otherwise they are long forgotten.

In contrast, this morning I attended the second meeting to plan a service with our Churches Together. This service will take place in one month's time. The service is all ready prepared and booklets containing all the information one could possibly need to create a service of distinction is included. Now after two meetings we have covered every possible eventuality and just have a meeting after the service where we will debrief, to look forward to!

My husband's only comment on this feat of organisation was "You can tell this service isn't clergy led, we would turn up and say who's doing what then?"

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