Saturday, 12 February 2011

On duty?

On Saturdays, once the Curate has been up to church to say Morning Prayer he is unofficially ours. I say unofficially because it is not his day off, and occasionally there are duties to attend to on a Saturday which need to be prioritised but most of the time he is around.

Time to spend with our little family. Lego, mammoth train sets and dog walks are the order of the day. What is generally referred to as "chilling".

As it is unofficial time, should a trip to the supermarket be required, the collar goes back on and the Curate is seen out in his community in his "work clothes". The outward sign that should he be required he is available for the parish.

For this reason (and many others that I wont ramble on about now) I agree with David Cloake. My Curate is at home most of the time on a Saturday but he is still a priest, he is still 'on duty' and when he is out the collar publicly declares this - and rightly so.

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