Thursday, 3 February 2011

Our Father in Heaven...

My Dad died when our small son was only 2 years old. In order to talk about this man whom Little Bear knew very little about, but the people he is closest to in the world loved deeply, we started to refer to Dad as Grandad-in-Heaven. This serves two purposes, it reminds him gently what had happened to Grandad and also distinguishes him from Grandad-in-Salisbury. This title for my Dad has stuck.

I was nattering to Mum on the phone the other day, and as Dad was a huge football fan (despite his lifelong Leeds support) the conversation came around to Andy Grey. It was at this point Mum saith unto me "Your Father-in-Heaven would have been really pleased with his sacking, he thought he was an arrogant s***e"

I had a split second pause whilst I worked this one out, I can tell you!

You see this is my father in Heaven, I couldn't comment on our Father in Heaven's
feelings about Andy Grey!

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