Saturday, 2 July 2011

Catalogue of Errors

I think I may be a little tired this afternoon:

  • Whilst preparing food for the dogs, I turned to mix one dish and dropped the big dish on the floor sending half its content across the tiles. Bobby the puppy then proceeded to hoover it - great you may be thinking, problem solved. This was not the case, the food was for the adult dog Monty who allowed his food to be snatched up by littlest.
  • Then whilst washing up I picked up quickly what I thought was an empty bowl and send the dogs water across the floor creating an impromptu paddling pool.
  • Whilst I was distracted clearing up the mess, the puppy did his business on his rug in the corner.
  • I cleared this up and put the rug, and my slippers he had attacked earlier into the washing machine, and whilst attempting to poor stain remover into the little plastic thingy, I managed to spill it across the top of the washing machine. This required a bowl of water to clean up as it is the gel stain stuff.
  • On the way up to read stories with my lovely little boy, I turned into my bedroom too early and walked into the wall.
  • On the way in to kiss said child goodnight, the belt loop of my jeans caught on the door handle bringing the door back at speed into my arm.
So you can see why I am quite nervous to leave the safe confines of my sofa this evening - just in case I walk into, trip over, slosh about anything else.

This is why I am a laughing stock within my extended family and my brother refers to me by the nickname "Unco" as in unco-ordinated.

I will stay safely here for now then.

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