Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hairy Scary

I hadn't realised until today, dear reader, I have been cultivating a moustache. If I had known I may have fashioned it into a handle bar and made it a feature.

A chance to shop alone is a glorious thing, and a cheap boost to my self esteem is to combine a (window)shop with an eyebrow shape. I am not a girly girl but I do have genetically wayward eyebrows and the chance to force them to conform is readily accepted.

I sat down, in full view of the assembled shoppers, and said "Eyebrow shape please". The lady charged with fuzz taming responded readily to the challenge and bid me be seated. She then said unto me "Upper lip also?"

"YOU WHAT?!?!?!" is what I would have said if I wasn't so horrified that I was growing a moustache so obvious that the threading lady pointed it out!

What I really said was "Oh..erm...does it really need it?" "Oh yes!" she emphatically responded! Gutted.

Then followed pain like I have never experienced before. She brought tears to my eyes which rolled down my cheeks! Her response to my emotion was "Have you not had this done before?!" in an incredulous tone. May I repeat - gutted!

Eventually she finished and began my eyebrows and they look wonderful. I probably wont use that particular beautician again though... her chair-side manner needs work. My pride is rather bashed!

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